Kakaogeist. /Genie in a bottle [sl.]

In this spirit we captured the unique aroma and flavour of the cacao fruit in its purest form. We only use high quality roasted cacao beans, clear alcohol from crops grown in the European Union and alpine spring water. It takes months under just the right ageing conditions until the final product develops its characteristic blend of smooth texture and richly flavourful sweetness.

The enchanting taste of CAO/CAO invites you to create new cocktail variations and long drinks and is, in its pure form, best served at room temperature.

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38 %vol, 500 ml (76 €/l incl. VAT)
Our product is non chill filtered.
Chill filtering is a common method to remove residues. The product ist cooled down to -10 to 4 °C to precipitate fatty acids, proteins and esters before filtration. This gives a clear product even if served on the rocks.
We want all the aroma of the natural cacao oils to stay and therefore filter at room temperature. If you look close enough at a bottle stored for a long time at fluctuating temperature, you will see tiny white flocs. This does not harm the taste and the quality of the product but shows that we are close to the limit of aroma and essence we can store in a spirit of 38 %vol.
CAO/CAO is best served at room temperature.
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