CAO/CAO is the flavour and spirit of the cacao fruit captured in its purest form.

Almost ten years ago we started experimenting with herbs and fruits from all around the world to create tasty and mind-bending liqueurs and distillates. Some of them had amazing colors and seductive scents but were never thought of again. Others like old-fashioned absinth, gin and ouzo were tasty and our friends liked them well. Yet there was one that always stood out – our cacao spirit. After several years we wrote down the final recipe, mastered the distilling process and fine-tuned the storage conditions to get the most unmistakable, clearest and softest taste.

Since December 2020 we got a big distillery (relatively speaking), a space in Vienna where we can bicker with the genie and a website to share it with you!

Thanks for visiting!


found a genie in an old bottle near a cacao tree.


traveled far to find a new bottle for the genie.


convinced the genie to stay.